Child Abuse Awareness

I've created this blog in order to bring to the forefront the sad reality of child abuse throughout the world in the 21st century. Currently I'm collecting every piece of information I can find regarding this subject, and put it here with reference to the origin. Please comment and spread it to people that may find this interesting.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

“Misinformation” about Domestic Violence, Child Abuse

Government policies and campaigns to combat domestic violence and child abuse are based on faulty information, a new report charges. The report also claims that current government policies worsen child abuse. The report, Family Violence in America: The Truth about Domestic Violence and Child Abuse, is released by the American Coalition for Fathers and Children (ACFC, and authored by ACFC President Stephen Baskerville, PhD. Among the highlights of the report: Child custody disputes are probably the main engine driving both fabricated accusations of domestic violence and actual violence. The main cause of child abuse is family dissolution, and family violence programs probably contribute to child abuse. These findings challenge long-standing assumptions about family violence – and policies to combat it – promoted by government agencies and feminist groups.

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